Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The rustic kitchen

     A rustic kitchen does not mean only carved furniture and ethnic decor, but a whole artistic homogeneous vibration in which ceramics play an important role. The walls and floors are in delicate fabrics, some hand painted.

     Tuscany, Italy has provided to the world shapes and colors which ennobles the interior and the French Provence brings a breathtaking scenery.

     Ceramics are also used on the countertops, tables, dishes, serving trays, decorative accessories. 

     Often the flat surface may alternate with mosaic accents, an elegant and charming effect. Hand painted porcelain tiles mean the absolute rule of refinement. Here, color palette crosses areas ranging from delicate  Oriental colors to bold tones and strong associations. It may seem hard to believe, but glamorous baroque finds its way in the kitchens also, ceramic being the key witness.

     The stove, oven, and kitchen sinks should match the warm colors found throughout the whole kitchen. A good material is copper, but stainless steel can be used also, especially if there are other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen/ dining room area.

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